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Putting Malawi on the radar as a tourism destination

One of Africa’s “best-kept secrets”, Malawi is set for growth in its tourism and hospitality industry.

Kenyan island business makes high-end handbags from washed up objects

Founder of artistic creation company Ali Omar talks about his budding business on the Kenyan island of Lamu.

From coffee to beer to mining: A glimpse into Rwanda’s business environment

How we made it in Africa spends a day with DHL in Kigali, Rwanda.

Cape Verde – a model for wind power, but Euro headwinds provide a challenge

Tourism is the main driver of the West African archipelago’s economy.

Kenyan hotel group sets its sights on domestic tourists

The Kenyan middle class “have time to play golf, go for spa weekends and spend time with family”.

Business opportunities opening up on remote island of St Helena

St Helena officials hope the development of an international airport will grow the island’s economy.

Increased emerging market tourism to Africa driving new travel demands

Visitors to Africa are increasingly looking for family-orientated safari options.

Lonely Planet ranks Malawi as a top 10 country to visit in 2014

Lonely Planet says Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve offers an uncrowded game viewing experience.

Meet the Boss: Ed Winter, CEO, Fastjet

Corruption and protectionism hinder Africa’s development, says airline boss.

Senegalese entrepreneurs introduce tech solutions to hospitality industry

Xtreme Design and Engineering offers software and mobile applications to improve business efficiency.

Talking business with East African aviation company boss

Yugoslavia-born pilot Zivota Boskovic started Boskovic Air Charters with a single Cessna 182. The Kenya-based air charter company has since expanded to a fleet of 16 aircraft.

Somali diaspora drawn back to Mogadishu

Somalis living abroad are now returning home and taking up opportunities to rebuild their country.

Tourism entrepreneur welcomes development in northern Kenya

Tour operator speaks about his passion for unique destinations, as well as challenges in the tourism industry.

Hilton hotels sets its sights firmly on expansion across Africa

International hotel brands are capitalising on the growing demand for rooms across the continent.

Business tips for riding the roller coaster of seasonal fluctuations

Plan and provide for the lean months during the peak season, advises Business Partners.