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DRC plans significant investments in power generation and agriculture

The DRC’s planned energy project is also aimed at alleviating poverty and aiding industrialisation.

‘I want to be in the oil and gas game,’ says Kenya’s Gina Din-Kariuki

Businesswoman Gina Din-Kariuki invests in Kenya’s oil and gas industry.

Survey finds Africa’s growing economies fail to trickle down

Despite growth across the continent, the majority of Africans still live below the bread line.

Private equity inflows will account for ‘half of FDI into East Africa in five years’

East Africa is “an attractive destination” for private equity funding.

Kenyan startup offers buyers credit for a solar power system via mobile technology

M-KOPA enables low income households to buy a d.light solar home system on an instalment basis.

Zimbabwe is in a position to attract investors, says CEO

Zimbabwe’s rich mineral resources will drive economic growth in the country.

Consumer growth is a reality in Liberia, says local Coca-Cola bottler

The Coca-Cola Company has a plan to empower women through its 5by20 programme.

High African growth rates distort the real development image

“How many times have you heard that many of the fastest-growing economies in the world at the moment are in Africa?”

Notes from the Nigerian frontier

Despite some political and economic instability, Nigeria offers a range of investment and growth opportunities.

Burundi promoting its business opportunities to South African SMEs

Burundi is looking to position itself as a business and trade hub.

Why Africa should have a regional approach to its energy development

A key area that will require greater and smarter investment to fuel the region’s economic growth will be the energy sector.

Tony Elumelu: ‘The age of aid is ending – it is now time for the private sector to lead’

Last week was the first time, in my memory, that a US president came to Africa with investment at the top of his agenda.

General Electric to expand its investments in Africa

General Electric is in the process of expanding its investments into sub-Saharan Africa as part of the recently announced Power Initiative.

Obama says Africa is rising, but youth will determine the continent’s future

“If prosperity is broadly shared here in Africa, that middle class will be an enormous market for our goods,” said US president Obama.

Focus on smaller infrastructure projects, says General Electric Africa boss

African countries should focus on building smaller infrastructure projects that require less financing.