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Report highlights 2014 trends in mergers and acquisitions

The Deal Drivers Africa report forecasts M&A activity in Africa for next year.

Cross-border deal making in Africa expected to rise in 2014

Report projects growth in number of M&A between companies in different African countries.

China’s investment in Africa is positive, says advisor

The Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence is focused on improving relations between Africa and China.

Porsche’s African expansion is ‘a long-term project’

The luxury car maker has plans to expand across sub-Saharan Africa.

Angola plans to revive its agricultural sector

To aid growth, Angola needs to diversify its economy, focusing on strengthening its food producing industry.

New research reveals Africa has 42 dollar-billionaires

Wealth-X and UBS census describes the profiles of Africa’s dollar-billionaires.

China in Africa: New challenges beyond the commodities super cycle

There are indications that China’s activities in Africa will be more varied in future.

Getting the private sector involved in infrastructure development in SADC

The SADC recognises the importance of public-private partnerships in funding development projects.

Meet the Boss: Ed Winter, CEO, Fastjet

Corruption and protectionism hinder Africa’s development, says airline boss.

Four questions companies should ask when importing/exporting in Africa

Transporting goods across African borders requires a good knowledge of the requirements and procedures.

Africa’s ‘glass with attitude’

Diamonds continue to be an important resource and source of wealth in many African countries.

Africa’s Luanda and Juba in the top five most expensive oil towns for expats

International surveys show the high cost of living in oil producing African cities.

Climbing value chains: Options for African policy makers

There are opportunities for African firms to integrate into regional and global value chains.

How Indian vehicle manufacturers are winning in Africa

Since 2008 Indian car exports to African countries have grown 160%, shows report.

How can African countries capitalise on the current geopolitical changes?

“The once dominant influence of the West is diminishing and it will have to metamorphose a new relationship with Africa.”