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Chai Bora: The tea company with great ambitions in Tanzania and beyond

Chai Bora MD discusses the company’s plans and the benefits of having private equity investors on board.

Private equity firm wants to propel Tanzanian businesses to greater heights

Talking investment with CEO of Mkoba Private Equity Fund.

Start-up snapshot: Tanzanian IT entrepreneurs juggling studies and business

“Today we are making enough money to cover the company’s bills and support ourselves as well as pay for our university education.”

Meet the Boss: L.N. Rathi, managing director, ChemiCotex Industries

“If you like a job, give it your all. If you don’t, then don’t hang around.”

What a Tanzanian IT entrepreneur learnt from his previous business failure

Benedict Tesha, owner of Jamaa Technologies, talks about the factors that led to his previous business’s collapse.

Meet the Boss: Mustafa Suleimanji, MD, Lamudi

“It’s an exciting time in Africa and the internet is shifting the way we do business.”

Why Tanzania’s real estate market is taking off

“In Dar es Salaam there is a huge increase in the purchase of apartments,” says Mustafa Suleimanji, managing director for Lamudi in Tanzania.

How this company built a business by charging phones in rural Tanzania

Juabar has built a franchise network of micro-business owners who offer phone charging services.

Meet the Boss: Kapila Ariyatilaka, MD, Chai Bora

“Be honest in your dealings. You will sleep well and will still make the money you require to live in this world.”

In Tanzania, good coffee shops can be good business, says entrepreneur

When Canadian Sandra Macdonald-Mulokozi moved to Tanzania 11 years ago, she craved a café where she would get good coffee and Wi-Fi. So she opened one.

Start-up snapshot: Enabling Tanzanians to purchase event tickets with mobile money

Event-goers in Tanzania can now purchase tickets via their mobile phones using mobile money.

Zimbabwe ‘a promising market’ for property portal, Lamudi

“The number of property agents that use the internet for business specifically is highest in Zimbabwe,” says Mustafa Suleimanji.

How Tanzania’s Ubongo Media built a business by making maths cool

Tanzania social enterprise is helping children in East Africa improve their maths with interactive educational cartoon.

Visa denied! How a broken dream triggered this young Kenyan entrepreneur

“Looking back, I’m happy my US visa was denied because it made me do something at home.”

Meet the Boss: Jitesh Ladwa, CEO, Mkoba Private Equity Fund

“You need to appreciate most successful business people work really hard to get where they are.”