TURNER: Robust equipment for Africa’s potato industry

Turnerland offers African farmers a complete solution for mechanised potato and onion production.

This South Africa-based company manufactures the TURNER brand of machinery and equipment for the potato and onion industry. The TURNER brand has gained a steady and growing following from potato farmers throughout Southern Africa and is poised for expansion further into Africa.

TURNER equipment package comprises a complete range of solutions for small-, medium- and large-scale potato farmers. The range covers the entire potato production process, from planting to sorting and packaging.

TURNER equipment is designed according to international standards especially for African conditions. All products are designed with simplicity, durability, ease of use and affordability in mind.

Turnerland would like to partner with and empower African farmers and businesses in creating a future, which not only benefits people on the African continent, but also brings Africa to the world stage as a serious contender that consistently can produce high quality potato harvests to aid in relieving the growing global food crisis.


Due to relentlessly rising costs, it is of utmost importance to plant in the shortest time with the greatest efficiency possible. Turnerland offers a range of planters with varying specifications. Optional tractor-front mounted fertiliser bunkers allow for the application of organic fertiliser at planting time, thus eliminating an extra operation to fertilise after planting.

TURNER’S TL-8530-JT single row trailed potato harvester has no equal in Africa. It boasts a short digging web that has a greater capacity, and is capable of handling larger volumes (up to 2 hectares per day). Due to this valuable time is saved, which translates into greater profits. The hydraulically steerable wheels allow for a smaller turning circle which helps with those awkward tight turns at the end of the field.

Whether you are transporting oranges, onions or potatoes, the TL-7-TT tip trailer was specifically designed to minimise damage to your crop and to simplify the handling process. The bath shape of the load bed allows for gentle loading and the mechanical rear flap ensures controlled and easy offloading. Transportation shocks are softened in three ways, firstly through the leaf springs on the single axle, secondly by the leaf spring on the drawbar and lastly by the wide high flotation type tyres.

Wash & Dry
TURNER caters for everything you will need to clean potatoes. The receiving hopper feeds the potatoes through to the first processing stage where any remaining soil and haulm is removed. After the initial cleaning stage the crop is then washed. Following the washing process, the crop is dried lightly, waxed and then put into the final drying stage.

Sorting & Packaging
TURNER offers complete sizing, sorting and packing solutions. The sizing conveyor feeds the potatoes through to the individual grading and bag filling stations. The filled bags are then placed on a carousel to allow for a smooth workflow while the bags are packed onto pallets.

Contact Details

For more information on Turnerland’s products, please contact Francois Turner at:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.turnerland.co.za

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