Sports betting company sees good odds in African market

What will be the greatest challenges for Voltbet in these African countries?

Initially the biggest hurdle is the licence application. This is a 12 month-plus process in some countries and is quite expensive. I suppose this also stops the fly-by-nights wanting to make a quick buck.

Advertising, marketing and using local knowledge to get your brand out there is also a challenge. Once we launch in each country, education – on how to use our product – will be a hurdle.

What will be your greatest advantage in these markets?

Our Soccer 8 will offer the punters in each country a daily Soccer 8 bet card. One of the biggest advantages is Africa’s hunger for football. We will be offering all the most popular leagues in the Soccer 8 and, depending on the country’s football strength, we may add a little local flavour.

Any advice to other companies wanting to expand into Africa?

Expanding into Africa isn’t a cheap decision. You have to do your homework and do the exploration and investigation into the country. East Africa is an easier launching pad than west Africa as most of east Africa is English speaking.