QuickBooks’ EasyBIZCONNECT launches into Africa


EasyBiz is famous for bringing QuickBooks Accounting Software to the South African and sub-Saharan African markets. The founding principle of QuickBooks Accounting Software is that it is easy to use, so easy that you do not need to be a formally trained accountant or bookkeeper to run the financial side of your business. Because of this quick-to-learn, quick-to-use promise, QuickBooks worldwide has an impressive track record, boasting over 70 million users. 

In South Africa and in sub-Saharan Africa, EasyBiz is all about catering to small to medium businesses that really need to stay on top of their finances and who also need to use technology to their best advantage, making sure that they have access to information, even when they are travelling or out of the office. They understand that in the SME space, the need for easy to use financial and business management tools becomes more and more important. So, although the QuickBooks product is the same internationally recognised software, tailored for the African context, EasyBiz recognises that not all businesses have the same needs and they have therefore used local developers to create an easy to use and helpful business application which plugs into QuickBooks to make the job of running businesses smoother and better.

To make all of this possible, EasyBiz QuickBooks is proud to announce the launch of  EasyBIZCONNECT, a mobile or desktop application that will provide you, your staff, your customers and your business with the information that you need, when you need it. With our Windows desktop software, QuickBooks users now have the ability to access data by other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and other databases via an Open Database Connection (ODBC).

EasyBIZCONNECT’s ODBC offers the following self-service to business owners:

  • The connector allows you to access your backend financial data in multiple ways
  • Create powerful pivot tables and reporting using Microsoft Excel and other similar applications
  • Interact with your data using specialised third party applications
  • Easily share your data with your accountants
  • Peruse multiple company databases at once using the technical portal
  • Interact with your data using different industry formats like XML, JSON
  • Build business intelligent process models around your company files
  • Allows technical teams to integrate your data with CRM, web and other related systems
  • To become your own third-party developer by designing in-house apps and integrating them with QuickBooks.
  • Access to sample developer applications and technical documentation for programmers

Accessible through the Cloud, this information is available 24/7 and is protected by cloud back up. Because EasyBIZCONNECT comes with mobile applications, it means that in addition to the Windows desktop software, business owners now have the ability to access data from QuickBooks via mobile applications. EasyBIZCONNECT provides three mobile applications that augment the desktop software, meaning that no matter what industry structure your business falls into, the mobile applications will provide you and your business with great insights into the workings of your company from wherever you are.

In layman’s terms, EasyBIZCONNECT allows a business owner to get an instant picture of the company’s finances, view the top 10 invoices of the day, track orders, stock levels and confirm when clients can expect delivery – all with smooth charts and reports. Through the EasyBIZCONNECT portal, there is an employee access login that allows sales reps on the road to ascertain how much stock exists in the warehouse without calling the office. The same portal offers customer access, giving the client the option to download the application to track when and how stock will be delivered and check their statement online.

The beauty of EasyBIZCONNECT is that it enables seamless download, installation and configuration. All in all, business owners can consider the EasyBIZCONNECT desktop application and mobile apps a steroid for their trusty QuickBooks accounting system.

“QuickBooks is continually working with gold developers in order to create add-ons that will enhance our clients’ QuickBooks Accounting Software experience. At QuickBooks we understand that innovation is key in order to stay current in this technological age. Our EasyBIZCONNECT offering is something of which we are incredibly proud and we look forward to helping even more of our clients in Africa to succeed with this quick-to-learn, quick-to-use application,” says Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBoooks.

For more information on QuickBooks EasyBIZCONNECT or to register for a 30-day free trial, visit www.quickbooks.co.za.