Our top 5 entrepreneur stories of the year

Over the past year, How we made it in Africa interviewed numerous entrepreneurs and business people running successful ventures on the continent. It is interesting to note that two out of the five most-read articles were about entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

Tadesse Tessema

Our interview with Tadesse Tessema, founder of Ethiopian auto manufacturer Holland Car, was one of the most popular articles of the year.

Here are the five entrepreneur articles that were the most popular.

1. Made in Ethiopia: The story of Holland Car

How we made it in Africa looks at the story behind Holland Car, Ethiopia’s first car assembly firm. Read more

2. Young entrepreneur behind Eat Out, Kenya’s dining revolution

Mikul Shah, the co-founder and chief executive of online restaurant guide Eat Out (eatout.co.ke), talks to Regina Ekiru on how he introduced the concept to the Kenyan market. Read more

3. Ethiopian fruit company’s vision is more than a quick buck

We talk to Irish businessman David O’Halloran about his company’s groundbreaking passion fruit business in Ethiopia’s Upper Awash valley. Read more

4. Made in Madagascar: US chocolate company defying the status quo

Although Africa has abundant resources, most of these are exported for processing abroad. A US chocolate manufacturer is, however, following a different path. Read more

5. M-Farm: Boosting Kenya’s agricultural sector, one SMS at a time

Regina Ekiru speaks to the founders of M-Farm, one of Kenya’s most well-known mobile phone based solutions for the agricultural sector. Read more