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KFC to open 20 restaurants in Nigeria during 2011

US-based restaurant group Yum! Brands is planning to open 20 KFC outlets in Nigeria during 2011.

“We’ve got six stores there now and we are going to build 20 next year,” said Keith Warren, Yum!’s general manger for Africa, during the company’s recent investor and analyst conference.

Yum! forecasts that it will have 300 KFC restaurants in Nigeria by 2020.

The first Nigerian KFC restaurant opened in December last year. “We always knew a 150 million people . . . eating chicken on the bone as their primary protein, had to be a good thing for KFC, but we didn’t quite know how good a thing it was going to be,” said Warren.

Warren explained that the biggest challenges of operating in Nigeria is dealing with the poor infrastructure and bureaucracy as well as finding the right partners.

KFC in Nigeria is currently a joint-venture between an existing Indian franchisee of the company and a local Nigerian.

In his presentation Warren outlined Yum!’s African growth plans. The company plans to operate 2,100 stores in Africa by 2020 – 1,100 in South Africa and 1,000 in the rest of the continent.

“KFC is desperately desired in [Africa], Nigeria is just one of many [countries],” Warren added.


  • Mercy Eyiba

    Kindly avail me details of franchising in Lagos.
    The following will greatly assist me firming up my desire:
    *Terms and conditions of payments
    *Any other information that will be required to fully actualize my intent.

  • How can one become a KFC franchise holder in Lagos, Nigeria?

  • Amaka

    Why don’t you kill all of them with cholesterol. KFC that is the forte of the dung of society in the Western world is what you idiots are getting all excited about.

  • fade

    please on behalf of my company fadehs group, I’ll like to know the procedures involved in getting a franchise for kfc restaurant across the south south Nigeria. I can assure you of our strict compliance to your standards and core values. I earnestly await your reply. my email is [email protected]. thank you

  • Uzee

    Hello Manoj, Send me more information about indian restaurant and what you can do to [email protected]

  • manoj

    Please try to open indian restuarant. i will help u out in opening. [email protected]

  • Columba Ekanem

    My company based in the USA is interested in a KFC franchise in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. Kindly provide information on how to go about it or direct me to the appropriate person. Thank you

  • Idowu Akintola

    We are interested in a KFC franchise located at Abuja and Lokoja. Can you please help with all relevant informations on how to go about it.


  • helen nicholas

    We are a company interested in getting franchise from KFC. We intend to build according to your specifications at our site in Ajah,Lagos. If it will be possible please do well to reply as soon as you receive this mail. Thanks

  • George B. Sylvester

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  • me

    36 states

  • Betty Olayinka

    I’m a business Nigerian American woman who lives in New York city U.S.A. I have been willing to open one or two American fast food in Nigeria. I decided this idea when I traveled home last year and went out early without eating nothing thinking of going to fast-food and have my break fast but could not find any of fast-foods such as donuts, sandwich, pancake, biscuit, tea, coffee etc. For this reason, I decided to start the business. I found your website when researching on this issue on how to start the fast-food business in Nigeria. Pleas I will like to be one of the franchisers in Nigeria. As we know that Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with has more that 50 states and Lagos is just one of the states. Though Lagos is a big commercial state that can takes as many as fast-food as it wants however,it can also be opened other states as well if the nos of KFC planned to open in Lagos is complete/accomplish.

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