Job Board: Vacancies for 27 January 2014

Want to put your degree to good use? Struggling to find talented personnel in Africa? Look no further than the How we made it in Africa Job Board. With over 100,000 visitors per month, How we made it in Africa is the perfect platform to promote your company’s vacancies. Our Job Board is specifically aimed at highly skilled Africans as well as expats looking to work on the continent.

Below you will find a list of the latest vacancies posted on the How we made it in Africa Job Board.

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Latest jobs

Media Specialist / Outdoor Advertising Sales Rep (Tanzania)

The ideal candidate will have experience in the sale of advertising space, billboards, airport media, bus shelter advertising, etc, and will be required to develop new business.

Mobile Solutions Architect / Developer (Zimbabwe)

An IT company is looking for a software developer to develop and maintain in-house and vendor software systems ranging from web, desktop, server and mobile clients.

Agricultural Consultant (Tanzania)

Our client owns a very big piece of land and requires an agricultural consultant to work in a short term contract. The ideal candidate will provide advice on the use and management of agricultural land.

Chief Investment Officer (Namibia)

Responsible for leading the portfolio management team in establishing and implementing strategies to ensure superior investment performance is achieved on all investment portfolios managed by the firm.

Quality Assurance Supervisor (Rwanda)

Looking for a quality assurance supervisor with solid cement manufacturing experience, preferably Rwandan citizens.

Senior Accountant (Rwanda)

Looking for a senior accountant with experience in financial and management accounting in Rwanda and/or East Africa, must be Rwandan citizen.