Insight Angola: April update from Roger Ballard-Tremeer

More than ever before the Angolan market is presenting high return on investment opportunities for traders and investors.

Roger Ballard-Tremeer

Roger Ballard-Tremeer

The Angolan budget for 2011 envisages a government spend of more than US$10 billion on goods and services, many of which are not locally available and will have to be procured abroad.

Examination of the same budget read together with the imminent new investment regime and a policy since 2009 of “zero tolerance for corruption” points to an array of investment opportunities for those that have the leadership and management expertise necessary to understand and respond to the dynamic and diverse Angolan business paradigm.

Opportunities now worth closer attention

Watch for the promulgation of the new Angolan Investment Law, which received the blessing of the MPLA Central Committee in mid-April.

Applications for participation in the annual Angolan international business exhibition FILDA in Luanda will close shortly. Contact the Chamber now for details.

The list of public investment into the Angolan economy in 2011 presents a vast array of opportunities for suppliers of infrastructure-related products. Contact the Chamber for this list.

Accessing these opportunities

Email the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce your expression of interest and company profile to find out more.

The Chamber is a small bilateral business association that has been successfully promoting trade and investment with Angola through the medium of English since 2003. Membership is not limited to South African and Angolan companies and includes members from all continents. The Chamber offers members an array of services that can assist them to make the Angolan market work. Contact the Chamber by email on [email protected]

Roger Ballard-Tremeer is Chief Executive of the South Africa–Angola Chamber of Commerce. Insight Angola is his monthly column for How we made it in Africa where he gives advice on doing business in Angola and looks at opportunities in the country.