Innovative African packaging company showcasing its wares at renowned exhibition

PRESS OFFICE: Polyoak Packaging

Polyoak Packaging will be exhibiting at Propak Africa 2019 at the Nasrec Expo Centre, close to its Gauteng manufacturing facilities at Aeroton.

Polyoak at Stand C22

The Polyoak stand C22 in Hall 6 will have a dedicated area for each of its specialist divisions to showcase their latest innovation and popular packaging solutions. The open plan layout has worked well in the past to welcome visitors seeking packaging solutions for diverse applications across the dairy, food, beverage, industrial, agricultural and lubricant industries.

Polyoak will have on display its diverse range of generic bottles, closures, tubs, drums and buckets, as well as various customer exclusive containers and aseptic carton packaging systems. Along with its innovative range of packaging, Polyoak’s one-stop full-service includes packaging design, mould manufacture, packaging testing and technical support with packaging machinery and filling lines.

“With loads of exciting news to share, Polyoak is looking forward to Propak Africa 2019. For us it is a great opportunity to thank our customers for their support, welcome prospective new customers and exchange thinking about trends and ideas for potential new projects. We look forward to meeting you on our Stand C22,” says Michelle Penlington, national marketing executive.

Showcasing IML Expertise

Among Polyoak’s highlights this year, will be the showcasing of its well-established expertise at in-mould labelling (IML), following the recent Gold Pack and WorldStar Awards it received in recognition of its advanced IML capabilities.

Polyoak’s specialist injection-moulding division Dairypack Tubs, achieved these top awards for its valued partnerships with Lancewood on its new Spread Delight!™ Tub and with Star Gate Innovations on its breakthrough innovation – convenient coffee drink, Ella Cappuccino.

The Ella Cappuccino Tub is an innovative technical solution enabling retort processing at high temperatures without distorting. This IML barrier tub contains a unique foaming device, specially designed to create maximum froth when shaken. It was even tested at high altitude to ensure suitability for inflight catering. Ella has just extended the range to include new flavours with Mocha and Vanilla.

The Lancewood Spread Delight!™ Tub is IML’ed to create a lightweight, uniquely-shaped pack which does not panel when hot-filled. Both packs are fully recyclable in line with Polyoak’s commitment to sustainable packaging development.

Karl Lambrecht, Dairypack Tubs chief executive, says: “We are proud of the team and have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to mastering IML. Our investment in world class machinery and ongoing sharpening of our skills has given us the edge.”

This season Polyoak is the only packaging manufacturer in Africa to win a WorldStar Award 2019, convened by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). Polyoak is tremendously proud to represent Africa on the world packaging stage, proving that it has an abundance of homegrown talent and dynamic local customer partnerships to create world class packaging.

Lambrecht concludes: “Ultimately, success is determined by whether we deliver what the customer requires. These sorts of projects don’t happen overnight. They require authentic partnerships as a basis for collaboration and exploration of what’s possible. It’s great to be delivering packaging ‘firsts’ for South Africa that are homegrown, developed and manufactured locally.”

Visit Polyoak Packaging on Stand C22, Hall 6.