Hydraform offers world class training

Training on a product ensures optimum usage, quicker return on investment and gives the customer assurance that the product was the right choice for their need.

Hydraform assists clients in achieving this by ensuring that block production from the Hydraform machines achieves the two main factors in manufacturing building blocks namely: quality of blocks and optimum production capacity in a working day.

Both these factors assist in building a profitable and sustainable business. This is done through quality professional training sessions.

Hydraform offers two types of training. Onsite training is conducted on the premises of the customers block yard or building site is located. This has been the most popular form of training as clients get expert knowledge from one (or more depending the project requirements) of our experienced trainers. Onsite training is offered anywhere in the world.

Hydraform recently introduced a dedicated training academy in Johannesburg South Africa. Hydraform welcomes attendees from all over the world to our 10 day training courses. Owning a machine is not a necessity for course attendance.

Courses are aimed at introducing individuals to all aspects of the Hydraform technology, from soil selection, block production on Hydraform Interlocking Blockmaking Machines and Hydraform Conventional Brick and Block Machines as well as machine maintenance. Practical experience is also gained on the course through the construction of a demo structure using Hydraform Interlocking blocks.

Training plays a major part in producing quality building blocks and quality structures which ultimately determine the success of a project.

The course consists of 80% practical experience. This means that all delegates get the chance to understand the Hydraform technology as a concept as well as gain valuable practical experience in machine operation and the construction process.

What is included?

  • 10 day training at the Hydraform Training Academy
  • Accommodation and meals for the duration of the course
  • Course material & stationery
  • Protective clothing excl safety shoes (to be provided by candidate)

Join one of our future training courses at any of the following dates at the Hydraform Training Academy are below.

  • August 20 – 31
  • September 3 – 14
  • October 8 – 19
  • November 5 – 16

If you are interested in attending our next training course or would like more detailed information please contact us at [email protected] or visit our training web page at https://hydraform.com/TrainingSupport/Index.asp

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