HWMIIA to launch no-nonsense, in-depth interview series with top entrepreneurs

Dear How we made it in Africa reader

The How we made it in Africa team is currently working on the development of a new premium interview series, set to launch on 1 April 2020. Every week, subscribers will receive an in-depth written interview with one of Africa’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders. The interviews will be accessible via the How we made it in Africa website and delivered directly via email. The cost will be $12.95 per month.

The series, currently with the working title “Learn from the best”, is aimed at both aspiring and established businesspeople and investors seeking information and inspiration for business success in Africa. Through these honest, no-nonsense interviews, the continent’s most interesting business leaders will reveal:

  • How they built their companies – from the initial idea to commercial success
  • The business lessons they’ve learnt on their journeys so far
  • The latest business trends and untapped opportunities in their respective sectors and countries

Why a paid-for product?

Since our launch in 2010, How we made it in Africa has interviewed Africa’s top entrepreneurs. However, with the shift in online marketing spend from publishers like ourselves to platforms such as Facebook and Google, it has become increasingly challenging to finance the in-depth, long-form interviews that we are so passionate about. How we made it in Africa will, however, remain a free-to-access platform – we will only charge for the “Learn from the best” interviews.

Stay in touch

To stay up to date with this project and to receive a 25% discount voucher on our launch date, please enter your details in the fields below. Those who would like to get involved in this project in any other capacity can email me at [email protected]

Best, Jaco Maritz (Publisher of How we made it in Africa)