Container liners – a more efficient way of transporting commodities

Power Plastics, a South Africa-based company, is a major supplier of bulk shipping container liners in Africa.

An open top liner for the loading of sand via a conveyer belt.

An open top liner for the loading of sand via a conveyer belt.

Container liners

Container liners allow shippers to transport containerised goods in a protected environment. They facilitate the bulk movement of goods and create a silo-to-silo transport chain. The container provides structural strength while the liner protects the goods.

Instead of using a smaller 1 ton bag, commodities can be transported using 6m (20′) or 12m (40′) containers.

Power Plastics produces three types of container liners as well as bulkheads:

Polyethylene is the most common container liner used for the transportation of dry bulk goods such as chemicals, fish meal, sugar, mining products and cement. It is also used for the protection of boxed and palletised goods.

Polypropylene container liners are used for foodstuffs such as cocoa and coffee as these commodities need to breathe en route and polypropylene allows them to do so.

Thermal liners are used to moderate temperature fluctuations. Once insulated with a thermal liner, goods are protected from temperature spikes. Containers can get extremely hot and the thermal liner reflects the heat away from goods.

For the safe loading of goods in a container, a bulkhead is recommended. On discharge, a container with a fitted bulkhead can be opened without fear of goods falling out. Bulkheads are used in conjunction with steel bars across the container face. Power Plastics bulkheads are an alternative to wood and therefore are able to enter European Union and Asian countries without a wood-certificate.


The benefits of using container liners include:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating small costly packaging units
  • Save on the handling of smaller units
  • Increase the speed of inbound and outbound logistics
  • Protect goods and containers from contamination, moisture, etc.
  • Maximise container space
  • Keep container content from leaking

About Power Plastics

Power Plastics specialises in the manufacture of large covers and liners from a variety of materials including PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition to container liners, the company produces numerous other products such as dam liners, evaporation sheets, pallet covers, fumigation sheets and fruit covers.

Contact Details

For more information about Power Plastics’ products, or to request a quote, contact Paul Bayly at:

Email: [email protected]


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