Canadian firm to build monorail in Nigeria’s Enugu State

Globim Corporation, a Canada-based privately owned consortium of engineering organisations and experts, is set to build a 117 kilometre monorail in Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State, Nigeria.

According to a recent report by Nigeria’s Leadership newspaper, the first phase of the Enugu Monorail Project will cost US$246 million. The first phase will have six lines linking various parts of Enugu.

Dr Jude O. Igwemezie, chairman of Globim, said in a statement that the cost would cover the building of infrastructure and acquisition of trains.

According to Globim’s website, each train will have a capacity of 400 to 420 people. Trains will operate at a speed of 35 to 80 kilometres per hour, depending on station distance.

Dr Igwemezie was further quoted saying that the trains will not be dependent on Nigeria’s national electricity grid but will be powered by diesel generators strategically located on the lines.

The statement reportedly also said that the project will be fully funded by Globim, which will operate the monorail for a concession period of 30 years.

It is unclear when the monorail will be completed, but according to Globim’s website, the project will take 30 months to build after completion of survey and design.