Business opportunity: Manufacture high-quality snack foods in Africa

Snack Quip, our South African-based company, specialises in the supply of complete turnkey snack production plants. Business people and entrepreneurs across the continent now have the opportunity to produce their own line of snacks or upgrade their existing facilities.

Snack Quip's equipment is robust, cost effective, simple to use and will operate seamlessly for long periods of time.

We supply equipment to “Frito-Lay” (Simba) and “Willards”, two of the largest snack producing companies in South Africa. We have also provided consulting services and supplied projects in the rest of Southern Africa as well as Malawi and Kenya.
Our extrusion lines allow clients to manufacture a large variety of snacks, including:

  • Onion rings (savoury or frosted sugar coated)
  • Hull-less popcorn
  • Rice crispies
  • Corn Flakes
  • “Dorito’s” and “Frito’s” styled triangular chips
  • Soft filled co-extruded products
  • Hard Extrusions (NAKS)

Snack Quip’s plants typically start at 200 kg/hour and are modular, allowing easy future expansion. Snack Quip also offers a super low oil volume fried line that utilises external heat exchanger technology. This allows African clients the versatility of selecting different options of fuel/energy that may be available in harder to services areas.

Our equipment is robust, cost effective, simple to use and will operate seamlessly for long periods of time.
In addition to supplying the equipment, we can assist our clients with a range of ancillary services, e.g. assistance with sourcing raw materials, flavouring, packaging, etc.

Our company provides excellent backup service with a 24 hour call line and a large quantity of critical spare parts in stock. Anything you need is a DHL delivery away. Snack Quip’s engineers are all ready to travel and are accustomed to African conditions.

Snack Quip’s equipment is guaranteed for one year. All the equipment is assembled and run at the company’s facility in Johannesburg, where clients can receive pre-delivery training and inspect the equipment.

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