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HJR Retail Group
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Business Opportunity
Overview of Opportunity

HJR Retail Group, based in the Netherlands, is offering African companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a mattress cleaning business.

Why mattress cleaning?

During sleep, humans give off sweat and skin particles that become feed for house dust mites (microscopic creatures) that live in mattresses and bedding. There can be up to 2 million dust mites in a standard mattress.

Although the mites themselves are not harmful to people, their feces cause allergies, skin irritations and bronchitis. Dust mites reduce the ventilation of the mattress, and are blown out by the movement of a person’s body during sleep, as the video below shows.

The solution

The POTEMA system cleans mattresses from mites and their feces ensuring better health, improved sleep and a longer-lasting mattress.

The POTEMAmachine’s vibrating action dissolves the mite feces, while the vacuum function removes it from the mattress. Surface germs and micro-organisms are eliminated during the cleaning process by special energy-intensive UV irradiation. These German-made machines are robust, user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Business opportunity

Companies and entrepreneurs in Africa now have the opportunity to purchase the POTEMA system, and provide mattress cleaning services in their respective countries. HJR Retail Group holds the POTEMA licence in the Netherlands and Belgium and also for the East and Southern African region, including Mauritius.

There is a large potential market for mattress cleaning, with potential clients including:

  • Private residential houses
  • Hotels, lodges, bed & breakfasts
  • Hospitals
  • Governments, embassies, aid organisations

The POTEMA system starts at €6,500, and comprises:

  • POTEMA mattress cleaning machine
  • POTEMAbrushless vibration roll
  • 500ml POTEMA mattress clean spray
  • System to illustrate to potential clients the extent of contamination in their mattresses
  • 3 dust bags
  • Operation manual
  • Certificate as an authorised POTEMA service provider
  • A 2-year guarantee

In addition, HJR Retail Group will provide buyers with extensive training and marketing support to operate a successful mattress cleaning business.

Financial breakdown

Below are earnings estimates for providing mattress cleaning services. (These figures are for illustrative purposes only, and the actual amounts will vary according to market conditions.)

Private clients at residential houses

Fee charged per mattress: $50 $75

Material costs per mattress: $2 $2.50

Profit estimate:
$90 $130 per client (depending on number of mattresses in household)

Hotels/resorts/lodges/hospitals (200 mattresses)

Fee charged per mattress: $25
Total sales per client: $5,000 ($25 x 200 mattresses)

Total material costs: $400 $500

Profit estimate:
$1,500 $4,600 per client

Additional revenue opportunities include:

  • The sale of POTEMA patented mattress spray, which neutralises odors, kills bacteria and germs, inactivates allergens, and removes light stains.
  • The provision of complementary carpet and upholstery cleaning services with patented dry powder technology.
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