Agriplas: a more holistic approach to irrigation in Africa

It is well known that the African continent has tremendous opportunities in agricultural development. Around 45% of the world’s available and uncultivated high-potential cropland is situated in Africa. In addition, over 50% of the land potentially usable for the expansion of cultivated area worldwide is found in 10 countries, six of these countries are in the African continent. Agriplas Pty Ltd, a South Africa-based company, is well positioned to provide irrigation solutions to this growing market.

An Agriplas Hydro PC pressure compensated dripper pipe in a vineyard.

An Agriplas Hydro PC pressure compensated dripper pipe in a vineyard.

Agriplas has been doing business in South Africa’s agricultural industry for over 40 years and exporting globally for well over a decade. The firm’s export markets include the African continent, North and South America, Europe and Australia.

Effective solutions

Agriplas offers a range of irrigation products, many of which are manufactured by the company itself. Included in their range are:

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Sprinkler systems (micro, farm sprinklers, turf)
  • Valves and meters
  • Filters
  • Fertiliser injector pumps
  • Gulf radio automation
  • Scheduling equipment

All products are manufactured from the toughest materials available and designed to ensure reliability and extended lifespan without sacrificing easy maintenance.

In addition to its own in-house product range, Agriplas also offers its export clients sourced irrigation products from other local and international companies, providing a well rounded product basket and service.

Seeing the bigger picture

Agriplas prides itself in its holistic approach to each project. “We are not only selling the product, we bring a more holistic package to the table,” says Gordon Johnstone, technical advisor in charge of exports.

Before installing a product, an Agriplas agronomist would first evaluate the entire project. “Based on the findings, we would recommend an irrigation system, tailored to the needs of the client,” explains Johnstone.

“We’ve got a wealth of experience and expertise in the company, and that lends itself to a good overall product and service to the client,” he added.

After-sales services

Agriplas also provides a comprehensive after-sales service. “Along with our reliable product range we have experienced staff and technicians that are available via e-mail or telephonically to assist where needed.” Johnstone himself regularly meets with international clients on their home turf to provide the necessary technical and sales backup.

“It all comes down to responsible sales. You want to be able to sell something to somebody that you are in a position to provide backup service to.”

Servicing Africa

Agriplas expects much more of its business to come from the rest of the continent in the years ahead.

“Africa in terms of agriculture and irrigation is very much project focused. We’ve been involved in various projects in countries such as Madagascar and Namibia, but we see ourselves getting even more involved in the future,” notes Johnstone.

Agriplas is currently also seeking experienced distributors and representatives in a number of African countries.

Contact details

For more information, or to request a quote, contact Gordon Johnstone at:

Email: [email protected]


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