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Political instability – both an opportunity and challenge for business

“Political instability and change can inspire action… but it can also bring the business to a halt at other times.”

Reasons to be upbeat about retail in Egypt

The new government is expected to bring stability to the country, which will eventually be reflected in consumer spending and confidence.

From Egypt to Zimbabwe: Seeing profits where others see instability

“Investors should focus on positioning themselves on the right side of policy, as opposed to politics.”

Why it’s prime time to invest in Egypt now

Business research company Infomineo explains why it decided to set up its second African office in Egypt.

What you should know about Egypt’s demographics

Whilst last year’s political turmoil in North Africa may have been off-putting to potential investors in the region, Egypt’s evolving demographics are appealing.

Egypt: Beyond Tahrir Square

Mert Yildiz, an economist at Renaissance Capital, argues that Egypt is at a pivotal point and could potentially be the success story of the decade, provided it travels down the right economic/political path.

No reason to rush into the Egyptian market, says Imara

Pan-African financial services group Imara has indicated to international investors there is no great need to leap into Egyptian equity markets following the ‘Arab Spring’.

Strong sell-off as Egyptian stock exchange reopens

The Egyptian stock exchange finally reopened on Wednesday this week after having been closed for approximately seven weeks following political upheaval in that country.

Egypt will eventually find its way back to investors’ hearts

The Arab world has moved into unchartered territory during the past few weeks but the recent events will not derail the economic development of the region.

Egypt ‘contagion’ unlikely in sub-Saharan Africa

Though some Middle East and North Africa (MENA) equity markets fell at times by 20% or more following popular unrest in Tunisia and Egypt, there is a relatively low risk of ‘Egyptian contagion’.

Unrest seen in Egypt might spread to Algeria

The unrest in Egypt might spread to other countries with high unemployment rates, such as Algeria, Standard & Poor’s said today.

Heineken suspends production in Egypt

Heineken NV, the world’s third-largest brewer by volume, said on Monday it had halted production in Egypt as protesters intensified their campaign to force President Hosni Mubarak to stand down.

EgyptAir launches Cairo-Lusaka route

EgyptAir on Monday launched direct flights from Cairo to Lusaka.

Toshiba targeting African market with new manufacturing plant in Egypt

Japanese electronics group Toshiba Corporation is aggressively targeting the African market with its range of TV models.

Egyptian firms able to compete with China, says portfolio manager

Egypt’s manufacturing sector has the capability to compete head-on with Chinese companies, both in terms of price and quality.