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Why agriculture and agribusiness can change Africa’s story

Agribusiness, centred around smallholder farmers, could change Africa’s growth and transformation story.

Forget doctors and lawyers, farming is where the money’s at, says Nigerian entrepreneur

“Nigeria is the current dumping ground for food produce from all over the world,” said Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru.

Why Woolworths’ African food stores rely on exports from South Africa

Woolworths is expanding its African food operations, but sourcing local fresh produce remains a challenge.

Why a Kenyan TV reporter turned to farming chickens

“If your only motivation is to make money then you are getting into the wrong business.”

How three agribusinesses have improved their engagement with smallholders

Three agribusinesses which have addressed the challengers of sourcing quality produce from smallholder farmers.

South African agri-focused businesses show increasing interest in Africa

With the land and water resources, Africa has the potential to meet the world’s food needs.

Want to invest in African agribusiness? Nine specific opportunities

There has been much talk about the potential for investment in Africa’s agribusiness and food industries. But what are the particular opportunities?

Ranked: Africa’s top 20 agribusiness companies

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, in a recent report titled African Agriculture: From Meeting Needs To Creating Wealth, published a list of Africa’s top 20 agribusiness and food companies.