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Under construction: ‘Niger is like a newborn country’

After a decade of little growth, Gaïcha Saddy is positively surprised by recent development projects in Niger.

Kenyan coffee shop brands join forces to capture growing consumer market

Israeli-owned Artcaffé in joint venture with Kenyan coffee shop Dormans.

Made in Ethiopia: Fashion retailer H&M looks to sub-Saharan Africa for suppliers

“We see great potential in Ethiopia and we see that we can contribute to jobs and reduce the unemployment in the country.”

What products are Nigerians buying online?

Nigerian online shopping platform Jumia lists its 10 top selling products for 2013.

Kenya’s Ken Oyaya on making money from doing what you love

Investing in and empowering his employees has allowed this entrepreneur to focus on growing his business.

South African retailers have much to gain in Nigeria, says Broll

Despite Woolworths’s failure, there are big opportunities for South African retailers in Nigeria.

Opportunity for Ethiopian SMEs to tap into the global market

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country with an estimated 90m people, has thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but only a few of these businesses are currently accessing the international market.

For Africa By Africa – a consumer trend to watch out for in 2014

African companies are creating products specifically for consumers on the continent.

What does the failure of Woolworths say about Nigeria?

Woolworths may not have succeeded in Nigeria, but many other South African retailers are doing well.

Crisis in South Sudan shows major business risks remain in parts of Africa

Recent violence in South Sudan could erase much of the country’s progress since independence.

Mobile advertising in Africa: not there yet, but it should be

Advertisers have been slow to adapt to mobile technology.

The internet’s transformative potential in Africa

Growing internet penetration in Africa has wide-ranging effects, contributing to economic and social development.

Why Niger might offer better opportunities for business than you think

Niger boasts opportunities in the mining, retail and property industries.

Innovative mobile payments technology once again comes from Africa

Oltio head talks about a new mobile payments system, and what it could mean for Africa’s SMEs.

Failure in Nigeria is often due to poor business strategies

Although Woolworths hasn’t gained success in Nigeria, many other South African retailers have done good business.