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Can trade make a difference in Africa?

Africa’s economic power is growing, and trade can significantly aid sustainable development.

Foreigners the top buyers of African stocks in early weeks of 2013

Foreigners have dominated investment in many African stock markets in the early weeks of 2013, according to asset management firm Imara.

Greater risk appetite for investment in sub-Saharan African equities, say experts

There is currently a greater risk appetite for Africa, particularly for investment in equity markets, says Edem Lassey, an analyst at Investec.

Harnessing Africa’s stock exchanges to promote growth

Despite some weaknesses, right policies could unleash their power

Eight JSE-listed stocks that will give you exposure to the rest of Africa

Are you looking to profit from the Africa growth story, but don’t feel like setting up your own business in the Congo?

Emerging markets guru Mark Mobius looks at opportunities in Ghana

“All in all, Ghana looks to be a country my investment team and I will continue to watch.”

Nigerian and Ugandan stock exchanges could become more investor friendly

Nigeria’s Stock Exchange will soon be completing a revamp that will see it relax restrictions on price swings, adopt the Nasdaq platform, open into US trading hours and allow short selling.

The JSE Africa Board – a failed project or what?

Business news headlines today have it that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) will be scrapping its separate board for sub-Saharan African companies, after a three-year programme that was largely met with lacklustre demand from African firms.

Three African countries included in new frontier markets fund

“We have carefully selected the main frontier markets where we see exponential growth in all areas of economic, political and social activity.”

Why the Ghana Stock Exchange could be an exciting opportunity

The GSE is targeting a total of 50 listed companies within five years, up from 34 currently, and will launch an alternative market this year to enable smaller companies to raise capital.

10 ways how Africa can boost its capital markets

Bill Mills, regional CEO for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at banking group Citi, suggests ten measures that could be implemented to strengthen capital markets in Africa.

International investors looking beyond Angola’s oil industry

“International investors have picked up official signals that opportunities are not restricted to the oil industry.”

What the economic turmoil in the west means for Africa

How will the current economic turmoil in developed markets such as the U.S. and Europe affect Africa? Charles Robertson, global chief economist at Renaissance Capital, had the following to say.

Encouraging developments in Africa’s capital markets

In recent times, we have witnessed several initiatives across African capital markets aimed at broadening and deepening them.

African stock markets look at regional integration

Various regions in Africa are at different levels in as far as the integration of capital market activity is concerned.