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‘Entrepreneurship should be a viable career path, not a last resort for jobless’

“To be in business you need to have a different kind of DNA,” says East African incubator founder.

Women in Africa need ‘a tough skin’ to succeed in the tech industry

Girl Geek Kampala aims to encourage more young women to enter the technology sector.

Five African boom towns offering untapped opportunities

Across sub-Saharan Africa there are towns and cities experiencing fast growth on the back of new mining and oil projects or other business activities.

Seven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language

Swahili could become a more important language, and anyone looking to Africa should pay attention to it.

Young Ugandan creates business management app for SMEs

“When you are selling to consumers they don’t care what technology you use, they only care about what they can do with it.”

Ugandan startup making it simpler for African migrants to send money home

Remit aims to bring down the cost of mobile money transfers, as well as making the process more convenient.

The story of Best Ayiorwoth: Starting a microfinance business at age 19

When a young Ugandan orphan had to cut short her high school education, she swore she would take a stand. And she did.

Mi-Fone’s Alpesh Patel on starting a mobile phone company from scratch

“We have what it takes to take on the big guys and beat them at their own game.”

Internet-powered agricultural services face challenges scaling up

Technology-driven agricultural services can increase the incomes of small-scale and subsistence farmers.

For Africa By Africa – a consumer trend to watch out for in 2014

African companies are creating products specifically for consumers on the continent.

Will Africa’s natural resources boom benefit the poor?

Anand Rajaram highlights the need to ensure revenues from oil, gas and mining benefit African populations.

How three agribusinesses have improved their engagement with smallholders

Three agribusinesses which have addressed the challengers of sourcing quality produce from smallholder farmers.

‘Don’t rush’ common currency IMF boss tells East African Community

“Make sure the East African Monetary Union can actually teach the Europeans how to do it right.”

Fastjet likely to become more pan-African in 2014

Low-cost carrier Fastjet looks to expand routes across the continent.

Impact of Africa’s innovation hubs: Too early to call?

Tech hubs are springing up across Africa, and will gain much from collaborating with each other.