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Wheelbarrows of dollars: Understanding informal trade in East Africa

Informal trade shouldn’t be crushed, but rather formalised using incentives, says Ecobank research head.

Is Somaliland truly ‘open for business’?

In the northwest corridor of war-ravaged Somalia lies Somaliland, a self-declared independent state that claims to be open for business. Really?

East Africa over the next 20 years? Expert shares his thoughts

East Africa’s star has been shining bright, but what does the future hold for the region?

Report: Africa’s economic prosperity at risk from instability

Economic progress does not just depend on having impressive numbers of GDP growth, high-rise buildings or first-class highways.

South Sudan conflict ‘could reinfect’ East African economic growth, warns analyst

Instability in South Sudan could negatively affect foreign investment and economic growth in the region.

Africa Oil boss on training local people for jobs in industry

“The biggest challenge is everyone wants to be involved in the project. There aren’t enough jobs to go around.”

Africa Oil sees interest from foreign investors in East African oil exploration

Canadian oil company raises funds to drill wells in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Russian technology company eyes Africa

Fairwaves’s small base station enables mobile phone users in unconnected regions to make calls within a 10km radius.

Somali diaspora drawn back to Mogadishu

Somalis living abroad are now returning home and taking up opportunities to rebuild their country.

East Africa’s oil discoveries ‘may turn out to be a curse’, says analyst

While oil finds are expected to bring wealth, infrastructure, political and corporate challenges need to be overcome.

Somalia is ‘ripe for investment’, says Mogadishu hotel owner

“Home is the best. If you don’t build your country, no one else will build it, that is why I moved back to Somalia.”

Kenyan property website gained success by being ahead of the game

A Kenyan entrepreneur saw a gap in the market and turned it into a successful business.

How a Kenyan furniture maker captured the high-end market with a unique idea

“It would be much easier to be employed, get paid at the end of the month and go home. But then you don’t have much freedom.”

Security is vital to keeping tourism industry booming, says Kenyan lodge owner

“Tourism is fickle. But it is still the biggest contributor to the GDP in this country.”

UK-based Soma Oil & Gas talks about its plans in Somalia

Soma Oil & Gas is the first company to sign an oil deal with the new Somali government.