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Talking Africa perceptions vs reality with the first woman to bike around the continent

South African Jolandie Rust shares some of her insight into, and experiences of, travelling in Africa.

Young Malian talks about impact investing in francophone Africa

Issam Chleuh sees opportunity for entrepreneurs to be innovators in Africa’s French-speaking countries.

Will West Africa’s proposed ‘eco’ currency ever float?

Plans to launch a common currency flounder in West Africa.

Africa’s natural resources no longer a curse?

African leaders take action that could transform the mining sector.

‘We didn’t cancel a single flight during the crisis,’ says DHL Mali country manager

“Mali has gone through a difficult time. It is getting back slowly.”

Rwanda’s improving business environment is turning heads

The 2014 Doing Business report ranks the East African country at 32nd place globally in ease of doing business.

South African retailers remain critical for the growth of Africa’s shopping malls

How we made it in Africa talks to Carlo Matta, CEO of Ghana-based Laurus Development Partners.

Good data worth the wait in Zanzibar

“Carrying out a survey effort isn’t as straightforward as one might think.”

There is a first mover advantage in francophone Africa, says expert

French-speaking African countries offer just as much investment potential as their English-speaking counterparts.

Africa’s complex medicine market highlights need for firms to do their homework

Pharmaceutical firms have a real opportunity in Africa as long as they take time to understand markets.

Management a bigger risk than politics in Africa, says gold mining boss

The principal risk in building a company in Africa lies not in the continent’s socio-political conditions.

Mining: Royalties, taxes and indigenisation remain in the spotlight

Policy makers should remain “on their toes”, devising means of promoting investment in mining activity while also ensuring that the benefits trickle to the broader economy.

Interview: Why Germany’s Pearl Gold decided to invest in Mali

“The Malian business environment is characterised by increasing market liberalisation, openness to foreign trade and investments, and high GDP growth rates.”

Illovo and its Mali sugar project

South Africa’s Illovo Sugar is the strategic partner in a 190,000 tons per annum sugar project to be established in Mali.

Mali to introduce new mining code

Mali’s mines minister, Abou Bakar Traore, has revealed that the country will introduce a new mining code in October to encourage more investment in the minerals industry.