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Ethiopia – cracking the local code

Anna Rosenberg shares her insights on business potential in Ethiopia.

Africa flies on a wing and a prayer

Air transport reforms are needed to unlock the industry’s full potential across the continent.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Africa’s promising power sector is generating interest in renewable sources.

Every1Mobile creating and connecting communities of mobile phone users

Every1Mobile provides users with content, products and services to help them fast track into the formal economy.

Bridging the divide: Africa’s diaspora willing to invest back home

Africans living abroad can help reduce poverty by investing back home.

Ethiopian spice exporter discovers new markets in Africa

With clients around the world and across Africa, Feed Green Ethiopia Exports is seeing business success.

‘Entrepreneurship should be a viable career path, not a last resort for jobless’

“To be in business you need to have a different kind of DNA,” says East African incubator founder.

Private equity firm explains why it is backing the East African growth story

“The macro story in East Africa echoes that of Africa, and that makes it a relatively more attractive region.”

What a coffee trader and his donkey tell us about tailoring business models to Africa

Business solutions must be tailored to the African context, says Eleni Gabre-Madhin.

Treading a new path: Growing Ethiopia’s factory floors

A major Chinese shoe manufacturer is lacing up for the long run in this economic powerhouse. Will others follow?

US market offers growth potential for Ethiopian-based food manufacturer

Mama Fresh Injera has teamed up with investors to increase its exports to the US and Europe.

Made in Ethiopia: Fashion retailer H&M looks to sub-Saharan Africa for suppliers

“We see great potential in Ethiopia and we see that we can contribute to jobs and reduce the unemployment in the country.”

Opportunity for Ethiopian SMEs to tap into the global market

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country with an estimated 90m people, has thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but only a few of these businesses are currently accessing the international market.

Africa ‘has potential to grab global manufacturing opportunity’

Africa should focus on developing a range of economic activities and the skills to match these.

Addressing the need to open Africa’s skies

At present over a quarter of air routes in Africa are served by only one carrier.