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Entrepreneur talks about launching the first Egyptian co-working space

“If you have an idea and are passionate about it, just do it,” says founder of The District.

‘Mobile money has moved from this new thing into an industry,’ says MasterCard

Some 70% of world’s active mobile money users are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Three online shopping trends to pay attention to

Security remains a concern for most African consumers who shop online, a survey finds.

Young CEO invents navigational technology for the blind

The Mubser prototype uses RGB imaging and infrared depth data to help blind people to imagine their surroundings.

Emerging markets outlook: Shaping the next decade

The Templeton Emerging Markets Group highlights trends that could affect investment in emerging markets.

Four things you need to know about doing business in North Africa

Despite their geographical proximity, the countries of North Africa vary greatly. While some nations are still dealing with the effects of the Arab Spring, it is business as usual in others.

Facebook in Africa: mobile phones and SME advertisers are key

Facebook is trying to grow its penetration on the continent by partnering with mobile operators and developers in Africa.

Analyst looks at where Porsche should seek to expand in Africa

Euromonitor’s household income data suggests African countries where Porsche may do good business.

Assessing risk and opportunity in Africa

EY report highlights foreign direct investment into sub-Saharan Africa, particularly South Africa.

Is it possible to define the African leader?

African leaders are no different from leaders in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Award-winning writer questions ‘Africa rising’ narrative

In his new book, Peter Guest comments on the unchecked optimism about the continent’s investment potential.

Rwanda’s improving business environment is turning heads

The 2014 Doing Business report ranks the East African country at 32nd place globally in ease of doing business.

GDP forecasts for four rapid-growth markets in Africa

EY report forecasts growth rates for Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Climbing value chains: Options for African policy makers

There are opportunities for African firms to integrate into regional and global value chains.

How Indian vehicle manufacturers are winning in Africa

Since 2008 Indian car exports to African countries have grown 160%, shows report.