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Meet the Boss: Nadine Tinen Tchangoum, country director, PwC Cameroon

“Always do what you say.”

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Meet the Boss: Bruno Olierhoek, MD for Central Africa, Nestlé

“Be patient and build from the ground up.”

Meet the Boss: Anirban Deb, country head, Olam Cameroon

“Success does not make you Superman. Failure does not make you a loser.”

Douala – looking beyond first impressions

How we made it in Africa‘s Kate Douglas talks about her first impression of Douala. And how wrong it was.

Meet the Boss: Candace Nkoth Bisseck, country manager, Kaymu Cameroon

“It’s better to be the boss of your village than an anonymous guy in a city.”

Start-up snapshot: Developing video games for African audiences

Cameroonian Olivier Madiba, 29, is the entrepreneur behind Kiro’o Games, the first Central African game studio.

Cameroon must roar: at a 7% minimum

I am convinced Cameroon can do much better economically.

How Cameroon’s Rolex award winner created Africa’s first medical tablet

Cameroon’s Arthur Zang is the 26-year-old inventor of the Cardio Pad, believed to be Africa’s first medical tablet.

Why an investment banker quit his job in Paris for a cosmetics firm in Cameroon

“Africa was booming and my dreams seemed more feasible over there.”

Advice to the African diaspora considering moving back home

Africans, who have returned to the continent for work purposes, share their thoughts.

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Many Africans living abroad have returned to the continent to set up companies. But how have their expectations compared to the reality?

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Cameroonian Olivier Madiba sees many growth opportunities for Africa’s gaming industry.

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Euromonitor’s household income data suggests African countries where Porsche may do good business.