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The making of the middle class in Africa

The emergence of the middle class can only be sustained if strategies are put in place that expand prosperity for all.

Oil prices and implications for Africa

Rising oil prices will affect African economies differently, depending on whether they are net exporters or net importers of the commodity.

Africa and the BRICS: a win-win partnership?

The emergence of the BRICS as major global players has raised hope that a win-win partnership could foster the development of the continent.

Recognising Africa’s informal sector

Recognising the informal sector’s role as a profitable activity may contribute to economic development.

Harnessing remittances for Africa’s development

Remittances by African migrants play an important role as a source of financing and foreign exchange for African households and countries.

Why Africa’s electricity generation costs are among the highest in the world

Africa’s power sector is facing many challenges, mainly due to insufficient generation capacity, which has limited electricity supply, resulting in low access.

African mining – opportunities and challenges

Africa, which produces more than 60 metal and mineral products, has a huge potential with respect to mineral reserves exploration and production.

African M&A market still tiny, but poised for growth

“Africa represents a market opportunity for global M&A players to geographically diversify their capital away from traditional markets such as North America, Europe and more recently Asia.”

Global quantitative easing and its impact on Africa

In recent weeks, three of the world’s largest central banks namely the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan embarked on a new round of monetary easing.

A global rush for Africa’s land: risks and opportunities

In most African countries, the urgent need for development in agriculture and the lack of fiscal space to support capital intensive projects has facilitated large-scale land deals.