Yoghurt multipacks on trend

Polyoak provides multipacks for various local African yoghurt brands such as Dairibord in Zimbabwe.

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Plastic multipacks for yoghurt, dairy snacks and fruit compote are right on trend when it comes to consumer convenience and portion-ability. Multipacks are a cost-effective packaging solution for Africa’s informal market with the flexibility of being sold separately as single units or as a multipack of mixed flavours. 

Polyoak Packaging has partnered with various African yoghurt brands such as Rio in Zambia, and Yummy and Thick ‘n Creamy in Zimbabwe, who are successfully growing their local market share with Polyoak’s wide variety of 75 and 100 gram multipacks with foil seal lids.

Keith Dilkes, Export Sales Manager explains, “Polystyrene multipacks are particularly interesting in Africa where cash vendors operating in the informal market often require packs which can be broken down and sold individually at an affordable price point, with the option of being sold as a multipack of various flavours.”

Polyoak has partnered with leading brands such as Dendairy.

Polyoak’s multipacks are available in configurations of two, four, six or eight cups to suit small or larger households, but they also snap off into single tubs. Each tub is foil sealed making it ideal for packing into a lunchbox or bag for out-of-home enjoyment or as a snack on the go.

The multipacks are thermoformed using polystyrene material which is available in white or other colours including black, which is often used for more premium brands.

The major benefit of polystyrene is that it snaps easily which enables portion-ability.

The thermoforming process provides cost benefits over more complex injection moulding, making it an ideal value optimised packaging solution. Additionally, tubs can be thermoformed into a variety of shapes which is beneficial for pack differentiation.

Polyoak thermoforms multipacks in various configurations, colours, shapes and portion sizes.

Polyoak’s multipacks can be decorated using wrap-around printed labels applied in the mould, to enable 360-degree branding and on-pack communication, and basic printing is also possible.

These multipacks are lightweight and nest efficiently in transit, making it economically viable to source from South Africa. Dilkes adds, “Offering food manufacturers preformed multipacks has the added advantage that they do not have to invest in their own form-fill-seal machinery, which is a significant investment. Our aim is to partner with more local brands to help provide easier access to their own markets, by offering filling machinery rentals and technical support.”

Dilkes concludes, “Polyoak’s great strength is being able to offer a “one-stop shop” for our customers in Africa. Our experts can assist with pack design, technical support and machinery for new factories. Furthermore, our manufacturing plants are FSSC 22000 certified for international food safety, to guarantee top quality packaging.”

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