Wala: Analyse African stock markets all in one place

Press Office: Wala

Wala is a financial data and analytics platform that makes it easy for investors and traders to analyse African stock markets all in one place. Create a free Wala account here.

The name Wala refers to the watchtowers built by farmers in Eritrea to guard and watch over their crop fields. By climbing the wala, the farmers can see their fields and the horizon clearly. Likewise, the Wala financial platform allows market participants to make informed investment decisions.

The Wala platform offers the following features:

  • Stocks: More than 500 African equities including valuations, prices, fundamentals and more.
  • ETFs: African ETFs including prices and constituents.
  • Indices: African indices including composition content and history.
  • News and sentiment: Comprehensive news feed. AI-based company sentiment tracker.
  • Advanced graphing: Easy and intuitive access to data focused on stocks, company fundamentals, ETFs, government and economic data.
  • Seasonality: Compare multiple trading years for a given security and discover the right tendency for the present moment.

Wala is on a path to disrupt the industry by being better and cheaper than other professional tools in the market. The Wala web app is currently free with a premium tier release planned for 2022.

A screenshot of the Wala platform.

A screenshot of the Wala platform.

The platform was founded by financial market traders Robel Yemane and Leo Hermoso. Wala is the result of the lack of a central data platform for African equity markets that Yemane came across in his own trading activities. “I had to look for data in different places. While several companies claimed to offer modern and accessible African investment research platforms, I found their products lacking,” Yemane explains.

In addition to company data and news, the platform offers features such as an AI-based company sentiment tracker and a backtester for fundamental and technical indicators, a useful tool to identify trading opportunities. Wala’s charts and dashboards allow users to interpret data and turn it into information.

Visit Wala now: https://wala.exchange/
Or email Robel Yemane: [email protected]