Top notch YTO tractors and implements now available for African farmers

South African based VB Agri has built up an enviable track record of supplying appropriate mechanisation solutions to both existing and emerging commercial farmers across southern Africa and is now extending its footprint across Africa in partnership with the YTO tractor brand.

Mechanisation solutions for Africa

The budding emerging commercial farming sector is lifting its head all over Africa as producers, entrepreneurs and other business people start discovering and exploring the untapped business and profit potential of the agribusiness sector.

One of the prerequisites for any successful crop production operation of note is a properly planned mechanisation system comprising a tractor with a set of carefully matched implements. It is in this area that VB Agri can assist with the selection of the right equipment package to suit specific crop production requirements taking into account not only the crops to be produced, but also the specific soil conditions, appropriate technology level for the application and available service and back-up support.

YTO Tractors

The power source of choice for the VB Agri mechanisation package is a range of YTO tractors that have been especially adapted for African conditions at VB Agri’s facility in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Founded in 1955, the YTO Group built its first tractor in 1958. By 2005, production was up to 160,000 units a year with models ranging from 11kW to 285kW.

Today the company has over 50 years’ experience in agricultural and construction machinery. YTO has 24,700 employees worldwide.

The company has over 100 automated production lines, processing centres and assembly lines. Production processes include casting, forging, mechanical processing, heat treatment and assembly.

Up until recently, VB Agri distributed the Same and Lamborghini tractor brands. These, however, became too expensive for the local market. Kobie van Breda, owner of VB Agri then decided to look for a high-quality Chinese tractor brand. Van Breda says that few people realise that China manufactures over 1 million tractors every year.

Following negotiations with the YTO Group, VB Agri was appointed as the exclusive dealer of YTO tractors in South Africa. YTO Tractors are available in South Africa from 18kW to 117kW, in both four-wheel and two-wheel drive. All tractors come standard with roll-over protection and a sun roof; or an air conditioned cabin in models from 52kW upwards.

About VB Agri

VB Agri started life as Van Breda Trekkers, founded in 1984 by Kobie van Breda in a shed on his father’s farm Zevenrivieren outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

Branches soon opened in Simondium and Grabouw and in 1991 the head office was moved to Stellenbosch, where it remains today.

VB Agri currently has over 40 independent dealers across South Africa. The company also has partners in various neighbouring countries including: Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Van Breda says the company is always looking for dealers in new areas and in other African countries.

VB Agri’s YTO tractors come with a full range of equipment and implements.

Contact details

For more information, or to request a quote, contact Kobie van Breda at:

Email: [email protected]

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