The Flip: What do entrepreneurs consider when seeking venture capital?

The Flip is an editorial-style podcast exploring more contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa. Produced and hosted by Justin Norman.

Episode 6: What do entrepreneurs consider when seeking venture capital?

“Investment readiness” is quickly becoming one of those bad buzzwords for me. Of course startups should be investment-ready – but is there a difference between being an “investment-ready” business and being a business with good business practices?

And beyond that, I struggle with the notion of investment readiness because it purports that investment readiness is something that you should do – an automatic, inextricable part of an entrepreneur’s journey. But is it? Should it be?

In this episode, we speak to venture-backed entrepreneurs about their considerations when raising venture capital, and the explicit purposes for doing so. We’ll hear from Keith Davies, ex-CFO of Zoona, Onyeka Akumah of Farmcrowdy, Luke Dominique Warner, founder of Intergreatme, Abolore Salami of Riby, Eva Warigia of EAVCA and Ben White of VC4A.

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