The Flip podcast: The case for crypto in Africa with Bundle’s Yele Bademosi

The Flip is an editorial-style podcast exploring more contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa. Produced and hosted by Justin Norman.

The case for crypto with Bundle’s Yele Bademosi

In this episode, we talk about cryptocurrency with the co-founder and CEO of Bundle, and the founding partner of Microtraction, Yele Bademosi. Beyond trading and price volitility, what is it about crypto that excites Bademosi and so many others on the continent?

Despite the technological underpinnings of cryptocurrency as a whole, many of the buying and selling processes and use cases of crypto today are still quite informal and fragmented. We hear from Bademosi about the work Bundle is doing to build products and use cases that make crypto more accessible, affordable and help bring it into the mainstream.

For those less familiar with crypto terminology, we have also published a crypto glossary and we have linked to a variety of definitions in this episode’s transcript, as well.

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Thank you to MFS Africa for their sponsorship of this series of conversational episodes. MFS Africa’s competition is with cash, and throughout this series we’ll feature other startups and entrepreneurs who are digitising, better organising, and aggregating analogue and fragmented industries.