The Flip podcast: Accessible and affordable edtech with Eneza Education’s Wambura Kimunyu

The Flip is an editorial-style podcast exploring more contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa. Produced and hosted by Justin Norman.

Accessible and affordable edtech with Eneza Education’s Wambura Kimunyu

In this episode, we talk edtech with Wambura Kimunyu, the group CEO of Eneza Education.

Throughout the series of episodes, we’re exploring the entrepreneurs in startups digitising informal and fragmented industries on the continent. And for Eneza Education to remain affordable and accessible, it means distributing text-based content to basic mobile phones via SMS, and acquiring customers via radio advertising. We talk to Kimunyu about building a product for low-income students – 70% of whom live in rural areas, the content development and distribution process, balancing available technologies with the needs of their customers, how to price for low-income consumers, and more.

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Thank you to MFS Africa for their sponsorship of this series of conversational episodes. MFS Africa’s competition is with cash, and throughout this series we’ll feature other startups and entrepreneurs who are digitising, better organising, and aggregating analogue and fragmented industries.