Stop your fresh water from evaporating with innovative new product

Power Plastics, a South Africa-based company, is a major supplier of dam liners and VapourGuard sheets to Africa’s agriculture sector.

Dam liners

Power Plastics can manufacture dam liners to the client's specifications.

Dam Liners

A liner provides the waterproofing essential for a successful dam. Specialising in small to medium dam linings, the company supplies the lining or the plastic itself. Power Plastics is able to manufacture specific lining to unique dimensions.

Power Plastics’ market niche is for dams between 6m to 30m in width and up to 50m in length. These dams are often too small to warrant professional civil contractors.

Benefits of Power Plastics’ dam liners include:

Customised size and specification: Power Plastics is able to quote, manufacture and supply to the exact dimensions of the required lining.

Cost effective: Power Plastics supplies the material; the client undertakes the rest of the project. This translates into significant cost savings.

Versatility: The company is able to customise water inlet and outlet pipes to the client’s own drawings and specifications.

Quality materials: All materials are UV treated and various types are available to suit the client’s needs.


Complimenting Power Plastics’ dam liners is the company’s VapourGuard product. VapourGuard is highly effective in saving fresh water from evaporation.


VapourGuard stops fresh water from evaporating.

VapourGuard is a floating cover; it is partially perforated to absorb water from rain into the underlying stored water body, but will not release water into the atmosphere. The cover rises and falls with changes in the water level. VapourGuard’s light colour is conducive to reflecting the sun’s rays, which prevents heat build-up in the water. VapourGuard can either be secured to the shoreline of a ground dam or alternatively float unsecured as in the case of reservoirs.

In South Africa, for example, water losses due to evaporation equate to 1.2m of depth per surface m2. This means that if a dam is 1.2m deep, it will in fact loose the whole body of water during a year of South African heat and wind. VapourGuard will provide protection against this loss.

About Power Plastics

Power Plastics specialises in the manufacture of large covers and liners from a variety of materials including PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition to dam liners and VapourGuard sheets, the company produces numerous other products such as shipping container liners, pallet covers, fumigation sheets and fruit covers.

Contact Details

For more information about Power Plastics’ products, or to request a quote, contact Paul Bayly at:

Email: [email protected]


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