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Starting your own business can be daunting and the question of ‘where do I start?’ seems to be the one that stops entrepreneurs from taking this giant leap. QuickBooks understands the fears facing the first time entrepreneur as many of the concerns that new business owners face are ones of a financial nature. How will I fund my business? How will I keep a handle on my cash flow? I don’t understand accounting – surely that is a barrier to starting my own business?

Being the accounting software of choice for the start-up and small to medium business sector worldwide, QuickBooks Accounting Software are putting their money where their mouth is and have come up with the perfect new business starter pack for fledgling business owners that will ensure that the transition into starting their own business is not as scary as they might think.

The EasyBiz Business in a Bag includes:

  • QuickBooks Pro software package
  • Bizshift CD – a practical guide to starting your own business that includes everything from A-Z – from compliance to management, labour to marketing and everything in between
  • An Ubuntu Business Bootcamp Voucher – Ubuntu Business Bootcamp is an action packed half day event that empowers entrepreneurs with everything that they need to start and grow their business
  • An Ubuntu Business Strategic Analysis Discount Voucher – the Ubuntu Strategic Analysis Questionnaire has been designed to give a snap-shot of your business in order to provide the best advice on how to improve your current effectiveness and profitability
  • R2000 worth of accounting services by a Southern Africa Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA) Business Accountant in Practice in the new subscriber’s region
  • QuickBooks Essentials Training Manual
  • 50% off training on QuickBooks Pro to ensure the best possible start for your business (Johannesburg/Cape Town and Durban)
  • The QuickBooks Entrepreneurs Guide Books containing pertinent information for every new business owner

The EasyBiz Business in a Bag costs only R3999, making it a very affordable package for budding entrepreneurs. Conditions of purchase are that the business is not older that one year and this offer is for new QuickBooks users only – customer registration forms will need to be submitted.

One thing is certain, without a good financial understanding and a feature-rich accounting package, most new ventures fail. QuickBooks believes in assisting start-up and growing business and have come up with this package to help ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit of South Africa stays alive.

For more information on QuickBooks’ New Business Starter Pack, the EasyBiz Business in a Bag, visit or e-mail: [email protected]

About EasyBiz QuickBooks  

EasyBiz (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive distributor of QuickBooks Accounting and Business Software solutions in South and Sub-Saharan Africa. We cater to small, medium and established enterprises, with more than 50,000 customers trusting our applications to manage their companies’ finances on a daily basis.

With our head office based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we offer a comprehensive product, service and support infrastructure.