South African property moves into an ecofriendly future

The Nedbank Phase II project, undertaken by the sustainability team of WSP GREEN by DESIGN, comprises a new building in Sandton, which is governed by environmentally sustainable principles.

The Ridgeside Office Block in Sandton

Inside The Nedbank Head Office Phase II building

The architectural style of the building mirrors the approximately 6,500 sqm first phase building in Umhlanga, which has been awarded a 4 star rating by the GBCSA (Green Building Council in South Africa).

The Nedbank Head Office Phase II includes seven levels of office space as well as a retail area on the ground floor. Three basement levels are provided for car parking space. The building can accommodate up to 3,000 employees.

Further excavations make space for the black water treatment plant and storage of rainwater. Carbon dioxide sensors are integrated at the return points on each floor to ensure continuous monitoring and adjustments of fresh air into the building. 10% of the parking bays are dedicated to alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds and scooters with preferred parking locations.

The building is predominantly framed in reinforced concrete with a 95% recycled content for all reinforcing steel. Total cost of PVC is reduced by 30% through replacement with HDPE plumbing and stormwater pipes, and the outflows to sewerage system are reduced by 90% through the implementation of high efficient fixtures and fittings.

The Nedbank Head Office Phase II building has received a Green Star SA – Office As Built v1 rating.