Shandré Sund: A master of her craft!

Shandré Sund

Partner content: KT Wash

KT Wash’s Sky Washing Powder, Marketing Division have recently appointed a new Marketing Manager, with Shandré Sund joining the detergent manufacturing company based in Nigel, east of Gauteng. With a good track record and over 10 years of experience accumulated from a diverse range of experiences in the field, Sund has had the privilege of working with renowned organisations, contributing to various projects that demanded adaptability and a solutions-driven approach. These experiences have honed her ability to collaborate effectively within teams and adapt to dynamic environments.

Holding a B.Comm Honours in Marketing Management, Sund’s career pursual in the marketing field has provided the strong bedrock for her love and passion of her profession.

“I possess a comprehensive skill set that extends to engaging customers through both below-the-line (BTL) and above-the-line (ATL) marketing strategies. My expertise lies in not only comprehending consumer motivations but also effectively reaching out to them through various touchpoints. I firmly believe in understanding the factors that influence buying decisions, rather than imposing a product aggressively. In my view, it is more effective to align with a brand that fulfils consumer needs rather than embarking on the challenging task of persuading them why they require it. This approach not only ensures more authentic and sustainable consumer relationships but also creates a more favourable environment for brand growth,” says Sund.

After completing her studies and joining the working force in 2012, Sund kicked off her career as a Digital Marketing Manager with JD Group, working on the Joshua Doore, Russells and Supreme brands. Her role at the time allowed her to gain valuable knowledge and subsequently make valuable contributions to her team and the company at large. After 11 years of climbing up the corporate ladder, she then joined KT Wash as the new Marketing Manager, heading up an enthusiastic team in charge of upholding the company’s in-house Sky Washing Powder brand.

“My top work goals revolve around fostering innovation, cultivating a culture of collaboration, and consistently exceeding targets. I aim to empower my team members, provide them with growth opportunities, and leverage their diverse strengths to achieve collective success. Additionally, I strive to remain adaptable and lead through change effectively,” she says.

One of Sund’s most notable achievements was conceptualising and executing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that significantly elevated her brand’s online presence. This accomplishment not only showcased her strategic thinking and creativity but also highlighted her commitment to driving impactful results.

Asked if she has any advice for young professionals wanting to join the FMCG industry, Sund shares: “I encourage you to embrace curiosity and adaptability. The industry’s fast-paced nature demands a willingness to learn and evolve. Seek out opportunities to collaborate, build cross-functional skills, and understand the intricate relationship between market trends and consumer preferences. Above all, maintain a positive attitude, as the challenges you overcome will contribute to your growth and success in this exciting sector.”

Sund’s core responsibilities at the company entail orchestrating a successful marketing strategy that resonates with the current or new targeted demographic, being able to navigate challenges and achieve success through a collaborative approach with her team.

In her downtime, Sund enjoys playing chess, reading and hiking. She cites that these activities help her recharge, stay balanced, and bring a fresh perspective to her life, both at work and personally.

“At KT Wash, I truly appreciate the commitment to quality and the forward-thinking approach. The emphasis on embracing challenges as opportunities aligns perfectly with my leadership style. The inclusive and supportive environment allows for open dialogue, fostering a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among team members,” concludes Sund.