Seeing opportunity in Africa’s creative industries with Marie Lora-Mungai

In Episode #75 of the Unlocking Africa podcast, Terser Adamu talks to Marie Lora-Mungai, an investor and entrepreneur specialising in Africa’s creative and sports industries. She is the founder and CEO of Restless Global, which is a strategic advisory and content development company specialising in the African entertainment space, the cultural and creative industries, sports business, technology, and media. In addition, Lora-Mungai is also the publisher of the popular newsletter HUSTLE & FLOW about investment opportunities in the African entertainment space.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • Embracing the creative and commercial potential inherent in African stories
  • How the newfound awareness of Africa’s creative industries translates into opportunities
  • Advice to aspiring filmmakers and content creators who are interested in tapping into the African media and creative industry

Listen below:

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