Samsung launches phone aimed at cost-sensitive users in Africa

Samsung today announced that it will launch a low-cost mobile phone specifically aimed at Africa and other emerging markets.

The new Samsung Chief Hero mobile phone

The Samsung Chief Hero is a dual-SIM phone that allows users to automatically switch between two SIM cards without having to carry an additional handset or turn off the phone to change the SIM card. Many mobile phone users in Africa make use of multiple SIM cards to take advantage of different pricing plans on offer from various operators.

“Following the successful launch of our Chief range earlier this year, we have seen that there is a need for mobile phones that suit the unique needs of developing countries and more importantly, Africa. As such, the Samsung Chief Hero mobile phone is a smart dual-SIM phone that is targeted at these markets,” says Jaco van Zyl, product manager for hand held products at Samsung Africa.

The handset also supports an additional 13 languages, including Yoruba, Igbo and Swahili.

Focus on Africa

Samsung, which has its headquarters in South Korea, is continuing to expand its presence across the continent.

“We understand that being successful in Africa requires an entrepreneurial attitude and a commitment to help create the market and infrastructure around it, and not just enter it,” said George Ferreira, COO and vice president of Samsung Electronics Africa, in an earlier statement. “We build products and programmes for Africa’s unique needs, resources and conditions.”

Over the coming months, the company will host “Samsung Weeks” in countries such as Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon and Senegal.