Rwanda partners with the AIF to host the Innovation Prize for Africa 2018

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The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda announced today that Rwanda will host the seventh edition of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA).

Aimed at showcasing African ingenuity as well as recognising and connecting African innovators and entrepreneurs with key innovation ecosystems enablers, the seventh edition of IPA will take place from 11-12 October 2018, at Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda. The decision to host IPA in Rwanda received endorsement from the Government of Rwanda, and the host country selection was based on the bid Rwanda submitted which underscored the government’s commitment towards building a knowledge based economy by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the event, Honorable Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa, minister of information technology and communications, said that it is a great honor for the country to host IPA 2018 and emphasised on the effort made by the Government of Rwanda to adopt innovative solutions for the country’s problems.

“We are delighted to host the Innovation Prize for Africa 2018. We commend AIF’s work to address the continent’s challenges through innovation. IPA’s message cuts across generations and puts forth mindsets that are passionate about the upliftment of Africa. Such an event showcases African ingenuity. We look forward to hosting these brilliant minds.”

Rwanda takes centre stage in the push towards becoming an innovation-led knowledge economy

Rwanda’s strategic and widespread adoption of ICTs, which has propelled the nation towards socio-economic growth, makes it the ideal host nation for IPA 2018. The government’s vision for 2020 is to transform Rwanda into a self-reliant, knowledge-based economy, and move its status towards becoming an upper-middle to high-income country. With an aim to become a leading innovation and technology hub in the continent, Rwanda is a pioneer in deploying Smart City technology to improve the lifestyles and social sustainability of its citizens. Tech hubs have been playing an important role in Rwanda’s innovation ecosystem, offering enabling environments for young Rwandans with business ideas to innovate. These hubs aim to support a new generation of Rwandese entrepreneurs that will create jobs and contribute to the economy. Moreover, the Government of Rwanda is committed to increasing competition in the continent to foster innovation, spur job creation and promote inclusive economic growth.

Commenting on the partnership with the Government of Rwanda, the AIF chairman of the board Walter Fust, said: “Recently, Rwanda has emerged as one of Africa’s most innovative economies, topping the ranks as far as science, technology and innovation capacity is concerned. The government’s goal to attract US$1bn worth of ICT investments by 2020, backed by major milestones such as the Kigali Innovation City, is a reflection of its commitment towards digital transformation. Rwanda’s efforts to support innovation and promote high-tech sectors such as ICTs and life sciences are truly commendable. We are proud to partner with the Government of Rwanda to host IPA 2018 and look forward to collaborating with Rwandan innovators and innovation enablers in their quest to become an innovation-led knowledge economy.”

Increasing pan-Africa wide efforts to invest in inclusive innovation ecosystems

Over the past six years, AIF has partnered with innovation enablers and governments in Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa to host the Innovation Prize for Africa event. Together with its partners, AIF has made great strides in strengthening African innovation ecosystems through ongoing collaborative programmes and strategic partnerships aimed at unlocking the potential of African innovators. Today, AIF has a network of over 9,400 African innovators across 55 countries and over 400 innovation enablers. IPA impact is illustrated by the fact that it has generated over $30m in investments for African innovators and past winners/nominees have achieved commendable milestones benefiting not only themselves but also their communities.

Enthusiastic about hosting IPA 2018 in Rwanda, Pauline Mujawamariya Koelbl, AIF managing director and IPA programme director, commented, “We are delighted to showcase the continent’s best and brightest innovators during the seventh edition of IPA to be held in Rwanda. IPA 2018 is a call to African nations to collaborate and invest in building inclusive ecosystems that can drive needs-based innovation and support niche innovative enterprise across all segments of African society. We are delighted to partner with the Government of Rwanda and connecting our ever-growing pan-African network of African innovators, enablers and partners with the country’s innovators and enablers. We are confident that this partnership will go a long way in helping to build stronger, more sustainable innovation ecosystems that will propel the continent forward.”

This year’s theme, ‘Investing in Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems’, calls for African governments and innovation stakeholders to invest in building bridges for more inclusive ecosystems that will accelerate and scale African innovation at all levels of society. The aim is to increase access to innovative financing and know-how and to enhance collaboration between African nations to enable local innovators to access higher value markets for their solutions at a faster rate. Women and young innovators/entrepreneurs, enablers with an interest in supporting social and tech innovations, and investors are invited to actively participate in the catalytic two-day IPA event.

IPA 2018 will bring together key government officials, public and private sector stakeholders as well as innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, researchers, policy makers, think tanks, and science, technology and innovation experts. The two-day event will feature a series of strategic roundtables and workshops aimed at identifying solutions and key actions to drive investments in inclusive innovation ecosystems across Africa. It will also feature an innovation market place where IPA winners and nominees together with Rwandan and other selected African innovators will showcase their innovations to a Pan African and international audiences, including top tier media.

African Innovation Foundation (AIF) works to increase the prosperity of Africans by catalysing the innovation spirit in Africa.

Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is a landmark initiative of the AIF and its goal is to strengthen African innovation ecosystems through supporting a culture of innovation and competitiveness, whilst spurring growth of innovative, market-driven African solutions to African challenges.

IPA has been successfully celebrated in African major capitals representing African regions: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2012), Cape Town, South Africa (2013), Abuja, Nigeria (2014), Skhirat, Morocco (2015) Gaborone, Botswana (2016), and more recently in Accra, Ghana (2017).  IPA was endorsed at its inaugural edition in Addis Ababa in 2012 where African ministers at the joint Africa Union (AU) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) passed a resolution to support AIF to promote innovation-based societies across the continent.

Besides a host of exciting side events and brand new initiatives for Africa by Africans, IPA 2018 will offer the following prizes and incentives to winners and nominees:

  • Grand prize of US$100,000
  • Second prize of US$25,000
  • Special prize for social impact US$25,000
  • A voucher for each of the seven IPA nominees of US$5,000
  • Additional incentives include investment opportunities, training and access to AIF’s vibrant network of innovation enablers, ongoing PR support and media coverage

IPA thematic areas are: 1) agriculture/agri-business; 2) environment, energy and water; 3) health and wellbeing; 4) information communication technologies (ICTs); 5) manufacturing and service industry

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