QuickBooks celebrates mompreneurs

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Being the number one choice of financial software for small to medium businesses worldwide, EasyBiz QuickBooks recognises the challenges that these growing businesses face in today’s challenging business landscape.

Within the South African context, QuickBooks has also identified that a lot of these growing entrepreneurial concerns have been started by ‘mompreneurs’ – talented and skilled women that have families and other responsibilities and have opted out of the corporate world in order to seek out that elusive state of ‘life balance’ by starting their own businesses in order to be more in control of their own destinies.

This year EasyBiz QuickBooks and Entrepreneur, in recognition of this growing powerhouse of working moms, has decided to launch the QuickBooks Mompreneur Competition in association with Entrepreneur Magazine and the Saturday Star, to celebrate and pay tribute to these incredible women who have taken the brave step of leaving the corporate world to start their own business.

How does it work?

In year one, there will be no restrictions on entry in terms of size of business or turn-over. The rules are simple, you must have started your own business and you must be a mom. In years to come, categories will be added to the competition, but for this year all businesses will be judged on their own merit in terms of the idea, the execution and its relative success.

For the inaugural mompreneur competition in 2016, entries will be driven through online and social media platforms – predominantly through the QuickBooks and Entrepreneur websites and via the Saturday Star. Here, moms can either enter themselves, or be entered via a nomination. The entry form is simple, and needs to be accompanied by a photograph of the entrant and a short video explaining how and why they started their own business and what that business is. The campaign will run from May to July with the winner being judged by a panel of successful entrepreneurs and business journalists, being announced in August – Women’s Month.

Over and above the accolade of receiving the title of Mompreneur of the Year, the winner will receive the following prize:

  • QuickBooks Accountant valued at R7000
  • eZ Bank Download software
  • One laptop computer valued at R10,000
  • A full page feature in Entrepreneur Magazine on the winner and the runner up (Valued at R49,300)
  • An UBUNTU Strategic Analysis of their business as well as a Business Builder Programme with 12 modules to implement changes – R50,000
  • UBUNTU two-hour consultation on how to grow their business – valued at R15,000
  • Southern African Institute of Business Accountants – SAIBA – a week’s training in set-up management and bookkeeping
  • One year subscription to The Star/Saturday Star
  • Coverage in the Saturday Star for their business
  • Full membership at the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) for one year, sponsored by QuickBooks.

QuickBooks and Entrepreneur’s Mompreneur Competition is a way of acknowledging and celebrating women who have started businesses and taken on entrepreneurial challenges in order to try and balance having a family while still contributing to the household income. If this is you or you know someone who fits the bill, enter now at www.quickbooks.co.za/mompreneur

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