QuickBooks 2017 is here!

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QuickBooks 2017 for desktop is here! As always, this release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to QuickBooks’s already feature rich, existing software. Customer feedback is all-important to QuickBooks and as always, comments and recommendations by our QuickBooks users were taken into account when looking to enhance the 2017 offering. 

With this in mind, the following new and updated features are available in all Windows versions of QuickBooks 2017:

  • Scheduled Reports: The ability to automate sending reports via email at scheduled times. This means that if you have a report that you would like to send to your sales team or boss once a day or once a week, this report will be automatically generated and sent within your specified timeframe.
  • Search Improvements: Locating the information that you need, quickly and efficiently, can be important if you have a large amount of information to work with in your QuickBooks file. A number of search and filter improvements have been implemented that may help you with this task. Some of these include search as you type, where you simply start typing in any field and all possible matches will be shown. You can also find customers and suppliers faster with the new search filters.
  • Easier Amount Search: Searching for a transaction with a number, but you cannot remember the exact number? QuickBooks 2017 allows you to insert the range of the number that you are looking for and it will bring up all of the matching transactions.
  • Report Customisation Improvements: You can now view and print information about what filters have been included in the report, as well as make multiple-record filter selections more easily.
  • Show applied filters on reports: You can now quickly view all applied filters on a report. Just click the show button and QuickBooks Desktop will display all of your filters. You can also print off the applied filters. Just set the applied Filters to Show and your filters will be included on the last page of the report.
  • Deleted users show on Reports: Now you can see users that you have deleted on all reports by username, no longer seeing ‘unknown’ as the user.
  • Security Improvements: Security is always a priority for QuickBooks. QuickBooks 2017 has introduced new components to the program to improve security.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements: There are a number of smaller improvements, some of which can be significant depending on your situation.
    • The Record Deposits icon shows the number of deposits that are available.
    • Your Company name will print on the deposit summary.
    • You can copy/paste detail lines on weekly timesheets.
    • There are improved notifications when you switch from multi-user mode to single user mode.
    • More features can be used in multi-user mode.
    • Support is offered for high-resolution monitors.

“QuickBooks is proud to announce the arrival of QuickBooks 2017, the latest software release that boasts a number of user-friendly enhancements but as always, retains the simple, easy to use functionality that is synonymous with the QuickBooks brand. QuickBooks 2017 offers newer, faster and more feature-rich software across the full range of QuickBooks packages, from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Accountant, meaning that there is a package to suit all small to medium and growing businesses,” Says Gary Epstein, MD Of EasyBiz QuickBooks.


For more information on QuickBooks 2017, visit www.QuickBooks.co.za or call 0861 726 657.  For any renewal related queries, please contact us during office hours on 0861 726 657 alternatively email [email protected].

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