Profit-making idea: Using tuk-tuks and digital tech to service low-income earners

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If Gloria Michelle Otieno-Muka, CEO of Nairobi-based Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited, could venture into any other industry, it would be into the tuk-tuk market, using an app-based solution.

“There is so much potential in Kenya right now in the use of apps to make business processes easier.

“Recently, we had an app created to order a tuk-tuk, the mode of transport in Mombasa, Kenya, to enable passengers to identify their drivers and to improve safety, similar to how Uber does this. However, we still do not know where the drivers are trained.

“This is a potential opportunity for any entrepreneur to create a threshold for drivers and to train them in customer service, hygiene, use of the app and passenger safety.

“This mode of transport can also be introduced in South Africa’s townships. I noticed when I was in South Africa that the transport system is rigid, with few options for low-income earners. The tuk-tuk can manoeuvre in small alleys and drop people closer to their doorsteps: it’s targeted at lower-income earners. The numbers should be limited per area to avoid congestion. Tuk-tuks are fast and reliable, with low maintenance costs. Plus, with the app and trained drivers, tuk-tuks will be safer.”