Profit-making idea: Using tech to improve access to healthcare and finance in low-income markets

Profit-making idea is a series of short posts, each with a piece of information that we think you might find useful: for investment, for growing your company or to start a new business. Read our previous posts here.

In a recent interview, we asked John Kamara, director and co-founder of gambling constancy Global Gaming Africa, to name a business opportunity he would still like to pursue. Here was his response.

“I would encourage young Africans to begin to think of healthcare technology products for the low-income and rural market. If we look at the instant health diagnostic space there is a lot of R&D and growth market opportunity using communal data, blockchain and AI to create virtual and remote diagnostics operations that will save a lot of people and make a lot of money for young entrepreneurs. This is an area I feel very strongly about.

“Also the area of nano products in the fintech space for startups to see how financial inclusion can become more sustainable and add a number of what I would call VAS product solutions the growth of the micro-lending space in Africa at the moment.”