Profit-making idea: The number one country to invest in long-term

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Profit-making idea is a series of short posts, each with a piece of information that we think you might find useful: for investment, for growing your company or to start a new business.

Gavin Serkin, the former emerging markets editor-at-large of Bloomberg, has written a book on the top ten frontier markets (generally less developed than emerging markets) to invest in long-term, after spending six months travelling to these countries with major fund investors.

Speaking recently in Cape Town at the private equity conference SuperReturn Africa, he explained that the best frontier stocks globally to invest in are Nigeria’s:

“Nigeria has a few fans out there that are seeing the end to this foreign currency regime, but it’s definitely a minority interest right now. But that is the country to watch, based on those top-performing investors and the countries that they’re looking at. In terms of valuation, in terms of pushing into the market, Nigeria is perhaps the least-loved, but has the biggest hopes attracted to it. Though timing is everything. You’ve got to pick the right moment to get into a country like this. But that’s the one to watch.”

Serkin’s book is called Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow.