Potential for soya bean processing in Malawi

The Malawi Investment Promotion Agency is inviting investors to invest in soya bean processing activities.

Investors have the opportunity to invest in soya bean processing in Malawi.

Investors have the opportunity to invest in soya bean processing in Malawi.

A significant number of soya bean is cultivated in Malawi. This high protein value crop is currently being processed into a number of products such as breakfast cereal for infants and HIV/AIDS patients. Soya-based products are also used by other manufacturers to increase nutritional value as well as shelf life of products. Soya milk is produced on a small scale but there is great potential for additional investment. Soya bean oil is also in high demand.

The best location for a Soya bean processing plant in Malawi is in Kasungu where it is grown in huge quantities. The district produces 17,000 tons of soya bean per annum. Kasungu Boma (CBD) also has adequate infrastructure to support a processing plant.

Agriculture sector overview

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Malawi’s economy contributing about 39% of the gross domestic product (GDP). There are various opportunities for investment such as livestock production (for dairy and beef), aquaculture, horticulture, processing and packaging of agriculture produce.

In addition Malawi has not fully exploited the production of agricultural crops under irrigation and this is an opportunity worth considering. Horticultural products such as vegetables, flowers, and fruits including rice can be grown using surface, gravity, pump, river diversion or sprinkler irrigation systems. Out of the 400,000 hectares of land suitable for irrigation, only 14,000 ha of land is under smallholder farmer irrigation and 48,000 ha under estate irrigation. This indicates a huge gap that can be addressed through investment.

Contact details

Those interested in this opportunity should contact the Malawi Investment Promotion Agency at [email protected]