Phatisa upgrades its African Private Equity News App

The African Private Equity (PE) News App powered by Phatisa has been re-launched with a major facelift to its design, functionality, navigation and overall features to enhance user experience. The App runs on the iOS8 and Android 4.0 – 5.0 platforms. Since its initial launch in mid-2014 the uptake has been excellent with over 1,500 people in countries downloading the App. Phatisa logo_235x140

The App can be easily downloaded, for free, in the relevant app store by using the search term: ‘Phatisa App’. To ensure you have the latest version look out for a map of Africa with the name ‘PE News’ inside the map.

The IRR calculator and reckoner within the App continue to play a fundamental role for PE students and professionals; therefore, this remains unchanged, while the upgraded version has the following improved features:

1. Push notifications – triggered when a new article is uploaded into the App, helping users stay up to date on African PE news
2. Pull to refresh – fetches updated content on current page (news, exchange rates, commodities)
3. Optimised navigation and page transitions
4. Offline mode – fetch-and-store mechanism allows the App to work without connectivity (news, commodities, exchange rates)
5. Optimised and smoother scrolling of list data (news feed)
6. Haptic feedback – small vibrations that respond to user actions such as clicking the calculator or sound buttons and refreshing rates feed
7. Currency switch – ability to compare major currencies to US$
8. Newly added by popular demand – palm oil and Brent crude prices to commodities section

“Phatisa originally decided to launch the App due to the lack of free and readily available African PE news through a mobile device. Added to the App is the IRR calculator, African exchange rates and commodities – tools and information used on a daily basis. Looking at the popularity of the App we got it right. The App is still downloadable free of charge to all who are interested and passionate about private equity in Africa,” says Stuart Bradley, senior partner at Phatisa.

To download the app, click one of the below links.

iOS (Apple): Download app

Android: Download app

About Phatisa

Phatisa is an African private equity fund manager, operating acrPhatisa logo_235x140oss sub-Saharan Africa, with offices in Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and Ghana, as well as London. The firm has two sector-specific funds under management, totalling more than US$285 million, focused on food and affordable housing. Phatisa comprises a team with a significant track record of managing private equity funds and businesses throughout the continent.

Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund has committed investments in excess of US$ 135 million, from Sierra Leone in West Africa to Mauritius, East Africa and 13 other countries in between. This reflects a total of eight portfolio companies across diverse sectors: primary farming, palm oil, processing, inputs, mechanisation, fertiliser, protein production and FMCG beverages. Phatisa also introduced an eastern and southern African investment initiative in response to the ever-increasing housing shortage – the Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF). The US$41.95 million Fund commenced operations during Q1 2013 and has concluded three investments to date.

At the heart of Phatisa is development equity, as embodied in the unique formula of DevEq = PAT * x + i 2 ™; a balanced blend of private equity and development finance – striving to build sustainable assets on the ground; ensuring best possible returns for investors, including the community in which these operate.